Friday, May 30, 2014

Train of Thought #8: Maya Angelou

I thought another portrait would be appropriate for this post since the world lost an excellent human being on Wednesday. I am thankful that so much of Dr. Angelou's beauty and wisdom is preserved for us in writing. Her passing was a major topic across social media platforms, and as I was reading the blog "Humans of New York" on Wednesday, I found one quote about her that I loved (I would give credit to the source, but her name was not included).

"I tend to be cynical about a lot of things, but Maya Angelou is somebody that no matter how much I pick her apart, she still has integrity. She was a victim of incest and rape, and she worked as a stripper. And now she is a literary icon and Nobel Laureate. It goes to show that life is cumulative, and you can't devalue any type of experience."

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