Friday, June 3, 2011

Seeking More

"Seeking More"

(A poem by me)

There’s a difference between transparent and clear.

One you go look for, the other one’s here.

The one that is near leaves you no room to fear,

There’s never more substance left to appear.

The other one’s missing from sight early on.

You have to go find it before it is gone.

You’ve seen just enough with your heart to seek more.

And after some time it appears at your door,

And when you see it there you fall to the floor.

And there is your answer,

More clear than before.

All content Copyright© 2011 Adriana Vawdrey

Exile Poster Project

Illustrators came together to raise awareness regarding the dangerous issue of child exploitation and trafficking in Portland.

The complexity of adulthood is constructed and held together by experiences of childhood. Children have an internal understanding of truth, joy, and love that adults struggle to obtain. To tear this light from a child is an action more deeply damaging than can be comprehended, and further reaching than anyone might expect.

All content Copyright© 2011 Adriana Vawdrey